Corporate Social Responsibility

Case Study

Many employers are realising that they have responsibilities on several levels to become more socially aware and accountable.
There are numerous worthwhile projects for companies and their staff to get involved in. These assignments provide excellent opportunities for innovative team building and will add a new concept to your sales incentive or conference.

MCG will propose only safe destinations which have good infrastructure, legitimate charities and high standards of accommodation.
Each of the projects can be combined with a recreational programme of leisure activities, allowing employees to be rewarded as well as experience the sights and cultures of the country they are visiting.

Example Projects (UK or Overseas)

  • Building or refurbishment of school classrooms or orphanages
  • Provision of IT, educational or sports equipment
  • Assisting with teaching of IT or English skills and sponsorship of local teaching staff in third world or disaster affected countries
  • Planting of vegetable gardens in impoverished areas
  • Environmental clean ups – beaches, reefs, river etc
  • Setting up Computer Cafés in deprived areas
  • Fund raising events
  • Community projects such as garden or DIY makeovers for needy causes. This can be combined with a staff recommendation scheme where employees can nominate a worthwhile project in their local community